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ALERT – ARMY WORMSThe season is fast approaching for army worms to invade area lawns. Seagreen Lawn Care wants you to be aware of the devastating damage that army worms can do almost overnight. We offer a preventive insecticide treatment to avert army worm attacks.

Army worms are a type of immature moth species that are sporadic but a serious pest of turfgrasses. Bermuda grass is the army worm’s first choice along with Zoysia lawns. However, they can attack any type of turf. Newly installed sod is especially susceptible to damage from the insect. They will feed day or night but are usually most active early in the morning or late in the evening. White moths flying in the grass and groups of birds feeding in your lawn are signs of army worms.

Army worms are approximately 1-1½ inches long and can vary in color from a green to mottled brown or black. One female moth can lay as many as 1,000 eggs which hatch within 2-10 days, and within two weeks, a new population of moths emerge. Several generations occur each year in North and South Carolina. Early infestations tend to occur following a mild winter.

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Erich Kolb

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