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Fall is for Fungus

Fungus in lawn north myrtle beach scFungus in lawn north myrtle beach sc

Turf tip from Seagreen Lawn Care and Irrigation. Do you see this issue in your lawn? Has this been an issue in your grass before? Want to know what you can do?

The pictures show damage and discoloration from fungal disease in warm season grass. There are a variety of fungal diseases which include Brown Patch, Pythium Blight, and Large Patch. The bottom line is these diseases can damage your lawn now and have lasting damage that appears in the spring. Fungal disease activity increases under conditions combining warm nighttime temperatures, high humidity, and prolonged wet conditions from excessive rain. We have experienced multiple rain days in the greater North Myrtle Beach area!

We cannot control the weather but there are a few things you can do. First and foremost, turn down your irrigation. More water only increases the disease issue! As we enter the fall the amount of time you run your lawn sprinklers can be reduced. Are you watering in the rain? If so, consider adding a rain sensor to your irrigation system. You will save water and slow the development of lawn diseases. The lawn needs to dry out between watering events.

Secondly, mow your lawn when feasible to keep the grass from growing too high. Overgrown lawns hold in moisture longer and promote the spread of the disease.

Finally you should consider applying a fungicide to your lawn to help control spreading the disease problem. If our rainy weather continues this will be important.

We hope this information is helpful. If you have any questions or need help with your lawn or sprinkler system, please call us.

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