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Mole Cricket Treatment For Your North Myrtle Beach Lawn

Our lawn technicians are noticing Mole Cricket damage in lawns in our area.

Mole Crickets tunnel through the soil in the root zone of the grass causing damage and eventual death of grass. Brown spots, “spongy” feeling soil, “pencil holes” in the soil and turf that peels up easily are all signs of Mole Crickets.

Most Mole Cricket damage is seen from August through November. Mole Cricket damage will reoccur year after year if left untreated.

We recommend treating to control Mole Crickets and associated damage. This would include:

  • 1. An insecticide application now to control further damage from the current Mole Crickets.
  • 2. A follow‐up mid‐spring application to control the infant Mole Crickets next spring.
mole crickets mole crickets mole crickets

More information regarding Mole Crickets (and lots of other pests) can be found at NC State’s Turf Files:‐cricket‐in‐turf/

If you are looking for Mole Cricket Treatment, please call 843-249-9565 or complete our online request form.

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