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FAQs - SeaGreen Lawn Care And Irrigation, Inc.

As the premier provider for North Myrtle Beach lawn care company services, we often get asked questions that seem important to provide answers for. At SeaGreen Lawn Care And Irrigation, Inc. our main mission is to provide quality service to each residential and commercial client that we work with, as opposed to rushing through a high volume of quantity of jobs. This includes making it a point to educate our customers and provide answers for any questions that they may have. If you don't see your question answered here, feel free to contact us for individual attention.

Q: What do you mean by customized lawn care programs and does it really make a difference?

A: Because no two lawns are the same, there is no reason to approach the care that goes into them the same. While the DIY approach often leads to buying generic supplies intended for “grass” in general, we make it a point to consider key aspects such as the type of grass, soil conditions and the shade to sunlight ratio. Don't trust lawn care “specialists” that also seem to think that a “one size fits all” approach will be adequate for your lawn.

Q: Do I need lawn fertilization?

A: While your lawn may be able to survive without fertilization, our job is to make sure that your grass thrives. Fertilization is like providing your lawn healthy nutrients and food, as opposed to just water and sunlight. We strongly recommend fertilization because this will help your grass grow healthy and strong which not only looks good but enhances its ability to fight off problems like disease and pests.

Q: How important is weed and insect control?

A: A common mistake that home and business owners make is thinking that they can address the need for weed and insect control once a problem occurs. Preventative care is always the best because this reduces the risk of ever having your grass at risk. By the time you discover a problem, it may be too late. This is why we offer both pre-emergent and post-emergent so we can stay on top of potential threats to your grass.

Q: What about an irrigation system?

A: One thing that you be sure of is that the more natural and effortless a yard looks, the more work that went into making it look that way. Watering is an essential part of establishing and maintaining the perfect grass. This is not the type of thing that you can take care of on your own with a hose or by moving a sprinkler around. Get even, steady watering services when needed, in order to keep your lawn looking its best. We even can install rain sensors which will save you time and money.

Q. Can I feel safe with your employees at my home or business?

A. We use a careful screening process which entails 2 interviews, checking all references and background checks.

Q. When I call, will I have to speak to a machine?

A. We have a friendly office staff that will answer your call or email. In the event that we have stepped away from the phone or computer you can expect a response within hours.

Q. Are you a legitimate company?

A. SeaGreen Lawn Care And Irrigation, Inc. uses our own employees who are covered by workman’s compensation insurance, (not sub-contractors) to perform our lawn care and irrigation services. We are licensed, fully insured and have been in business since 1993. (NC Irrigation License #008, NC Registered Landscape Contractor #1154)

Q. My last landscaper would work for a few days, and then was gone for a couple days. Always starting and stopping. Will you stay on the job once you begin?

A. Yes, We will stay with the project and work until your project is completed. The same crew foreman will work on your job from start to finish. In addition, we can give you a start and completion date.

Q. I’ve had bids before, and I get some prices that are high, low and all over the place. Why?

A. The cost of a job is usually determined by the level of thoroughness, attention to detail, and quality desired. For example, it costs more to employ expert craftspeople who properly install your project according to industry standards. We decided when we began to charge a little more rather than deal with all the headaches that cutting corners creates. We have now completed thousands of projects in the North Myrtle Beach/Southern Brunswick County area with our repeat and referral clients averaging over 70% of our business.

If there are any questions that we have not covered, please feel free to contact our office via email or phone and we will be happy to provide you with an answer.

Thank you for your interest in our lawn care and irrigation company in North Myrtle Beach. We look forward to working with you and bringing your landscape dreams to life!!

If you have questions for our North Myrtle Beach irrigation company, please call 843-249-9565 or complete our online request form.

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