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North Myrtle Beach Lawn Care Tips

Check out the most recent articles from SeaGreen Lawn Care And Irrigation, Inc. for advice and tips on lawn care, proper lawn irrigation, choosing the lawn maintenance program, and more.

ALERT - Army Worms

army worms The season is fast approaching for army worms to invade area lawns. They show up and do their damage in late summer through fall. Seagreen Lawn Care wants you to be aware of the devastating damage that army worms can do. They can turn your lawn brown in 24 hours..... Read More

Early April Update from Erich’s Lawn Desk

Early April Update from Erich’s Lawn Des April is a transition month for our warm-season grasses such as Centipede, Bermuda, Saint Augustine and Zoysia. The lawns are waking up and coming out of dormancy. The lawns are NOT fully green and growing aggressively.... Read More

Mole Cricket Treatment

large-patch-disease-fungal-infectionMole Crickets tunnel through the soil in the root zone of the grass causing damage... Read More

Large Patch Disease - Fungal Infection

large-patch-disease-fungal-infectionExcessive rain leading to excessive moisture combined with humidity lead to the onset of the disease... Read More

Understanding Spring Dead Spots

understanding-spring-dead-spotsIt isn’t uncommon around late April into early May to detect spring dead spot on your lawn. Spring dead spot is a disease that is normally discovered during the greening up period and are large dormant spots on your lawn that can surface as circular or irregularly shaped patches... Read More

5 Common Lawn Care Mistakes To Avoid

lawn care mistakesThat time of year is upon us again when it’s time to think about spring maintenance for your lawn. When Make sure our lawn stays healthy and fabulous looking with these pro tips by SeaGreen Lawn Care And Irrigation, Inc. covering 5 Common Lawn Care Mistakes To Avoid... Read More

Crabgrass Control: What You Need to Know For Your North Myrtle Beach Property

Having a customized lawn care program makes your lawn look beautiful.That time of year is upon us again when it’s time to think about spring maintenance for your lawn. When it comes to various lawn care programs, you should be thinking about crabgrass. With spring weather comes new growth, including weeds including crabgrass. In case you didn’t already know, this type of grass is one of the most common invasive and difficult to control weeds... Read More

4 Benefits of Choosing a Custom Lawn Care Program for Your North Myrtle Beach Lawn

Having a customized lawn care program makes your lawn look beautiful.You are prideful in keeping your lawn healthy. But where is the time to make your lawn look as good as you want it to? Here are 4 benefits of choosing a custom lawn care program for your home near North Myrtle Beach. Read More

Lawn Pest Alert In North Myrtle Beach & Surrounding Areas

cia logoNow that spring has finally arrived, many local homeowners are getting outside and starting the task of grooming their lawns for the upcoming growing season. However, if you have noticed dead spots in your North Myrtle Beach lawn, or you find that you can easily pull up areas of your Centipede lawn, only to find that the root system is completely gone, it could be a telltale sign of insect damage from a particular type of pest that has been springing up more and more commonly in the local area. Read More

Don't Get Left Out in the Cold!

cia logoThe holidays have past and cold weather is upon us. It's a time to review the past year, sharpen the shovels, and renew our spirit for the upcoming season. Looking back at 2017: What were some of your most meaningful associations from a business perspective? Did you foster relationships that brought you a return in your professional development? Read More

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Achieving the perfect lawn is an ongoing process, one that is never completed. Once you have been fortunate enough to establish a lush and healthy yard, the rest of the time will be about maintaining it. This includes making it a point to get it seasonally prepped. … Read More

Centipede lawn with disease

north myrtle beach irrigation timerSpring has arrived and warm season lawns are turning green. However, some lawns are not looking so good. Many Centipede (do we insert "coastal centipede, or north myrtle beach centipede to get more local hits or rankings?) lawns have brown areas as a result of damage. What's going on?n … Read More

Message From The 2017-2018 CIA President Erich Kolb

north myrtle beach irrigation timerI am Erich Kolb, your 2017-2018 President of the Carolinas Irrigation Association (CIA). I operated a business in Raleigh, NC as an irrigation and landscape contractor for 23 years before relocating and continuing my business at the coast here in North Myrtle Beach. … Read More

Time To Set Your Clocks Back

north myrtle beach irrigation timerWe all know about setting our watches back and enjoying that extra hour of sleep. But what about turning the watering times your irrigation controller back? Have you looked at your irrigation controller since summer? Are you still watering your lawn like you did in July? … Read More

Weed Control Program Tips

North Myrtle Beach Weed Control ProgramKeeping your lawn and landscaping well maintained, lush, and healthy is a difficult task. One of the most frustrating aspects of lawn maintenance is dealing with weeds. Weeds are perhaps the biggest threat to a vibrant lawn because they rob nutrients and water from the soil and can block sunlight … Read More

Fall is for Fungus

Fungus in lawn north myrtle beach scTurf tip from Seagreen Lawn Care and Irrigation. Do you see this issue in your lawn? Has this been an issue in your grass before? Want to know what you can do? The pictures show damage and discoloration from fungal disease in warm season grass … Read More

Is An Irrigation System Right For Your North Myrtle Beach Home?

irrigation north myrtle beach scWhat many people do not realize is the importance of getting an irrigation system in place for your North Myrtle Beach lawn. Keep in mind, you cannot truly have the home of your dreams without having the perfect lawn to go with it. However, no matter how naturally beautiful the neighbor's yard may look … Read More

Importance of Custom Lawn Care Programs in North Myrtle Beach

custom lawn care north myrtle beach scOne of the main questions that we get here at SeaGreen Lawn Care And Irrigation, Inc. is about our customization in lawn care programs. For starters, the average homeowner thinks that this is something that they can take care of on their own. So many big box home improvement stores advertise … Read More

Benefits of Insect & Weed Control in North Myrtle Beach

weed control north myrtle beach scOne of the essential tasks involved with getting the perfect yard is getting a program in place for your weed and insect control. However, many Myrtle Beach homeowners wonder if this is even something that they need. The trouble with this is that they usually end up waiting until a problem arises but by then it can be too late … Read More

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