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How to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Achieving the perfect lawn is an ongoing process, one that is never completed. Once you have been fortunate enough to establish a lush and healthy yard, the rest of the time will be about maintaining it. This includes making it a point to get it seasonally prepped.

One of the most important tasks is preparing your grass for the cooler winter months. Even while your lawn lies dormant during the winter, without careful prep work, this could be the death of it. In other words, winter can be a make it or break it type of situation.

What You Need to Know and Do

Before the cool damp weather settles in for a spell, here are some vital steps you, or a professional, should be taking. This will help improve the likelihood of your grass bouncing back with the first arrival of spring flowers.

It is always important to rake leaves, and not just because it helps your lawn look better. It removes the decaying organic matter that can act like a blanket. This layer of leaves can trap dampness and warmth, making it the ideal breeding ground for fungus. Plus, it prevents the roots of your grass from getting sunlight and fresh air needed to keep it healthy.

So, it should go without saying, this also means clearing the leaves away. Take them some place to naturally decompose that will not interfere with the life cycle of your lawn. This rake and removal step cannot be stressed enough.

This is also a good time to use an aerator on the surface of your lawn in order to create better drainage. During the cold months, the dirt becomes compacted, making it more of a challenge for water to get into the soil. Break it up ahead of time to minimize the likelihood of this happening.

You can also brush dry sand into your freshly aerated yard in order to improve the quality of air flow. This sand will make its way into the holes created with aeration and prevent them from closing up. This betters the chances for preventing the winter weather from compacting the dirt too much.

Carefully Select Your Lawn Care Experts

The other important step to take in keeping your lawn in the best shape possible is selecting the right pros to help with the job. Since 1985, locals in both North and South Carolina have been relying on SeaGreen Lawn Care and Irrigation. We are experts and specialists in anything you need done for your lawn and irrigation, so give us a call today.

If you are looking for a lawn care or irrigation company in the greater North Myrtle Beach area, then please call 843-249-9565 or complete our online request form.

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