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We are currently experiencing a high volume of irrigation service requests.

We are not able to accept new irrigation customers at this time.

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Surfers prepare mentally and physically long before they hit the water. Surfers continually learn and practice their craft. Surfers respect their equipment and the surroundings. Surfers are patient as they scan the surf. Surfers seek out the best opportunity and paddle like mad to catch that wave. A surfer celebrates their ride with other surfers. Surfers then focus on the next big wave.

A "Lazy River Rider" has little motivation or drive. "Early, late, we can just go whenever." A "Lazy River Rider" has no plan. The "Lazy River Rider" bounces into and off of obstacles with no urgency and a lack of direction. A "Lazy River Rider" exerts little energy or effort and just takes what the river of life gives them. When a "Lazy River Rider" arrives late, does not finish, or damages the raft, they just blame it on the river.

Nothing against floating down a slow, winding, lazy river on a hot summer day. But we do not need "Lazy River Riders". WE WANT SURFERS!

At Seagreen we have some Non-Negotiable Rules we live by. These Non-Negotiables define who we are. They are our core values and "Immutable Laws".

Be respectful - to clients, team members, vendors, equipment, and yourself.

Be dependable - Be the rock clients, team members and family can depend on! Being dependable means doing what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it. Being dependable means showing up on time. It means finishing what you start. Being dependable is who we are. It is extremely important to us! We are the "Most Dependable" and we have the trophy to prove it. Ask us about it.

Be honest - Just tell the truth. Don’t cover things up. Lying is disrespectful. If you are not honest, you cannot be dependable.

Be a lifelong learner - Have the desire to learn and advance. Always be curious. Jump at opportunities to gain more knowledge and understanding.

Be on time - Showing up on time is being respectful. Being dependable is showing up on time.

Do you consider yourself a Surfer in life? Do you share similar values? If so, please keep reading.

Seagreen Lawn Care and Irrigation, Inc. is a locally owned, professional company serving the lawn care and irrigation needs of clients in Horry County, SC and Brunswick County, NC. We combine our knowledge of proper irrigation principles and plant nutrition needs to create beautiful green lawns for our customers. "The Right Way is the Only Way." We do not cut corners. Our customers value their lawns and appreciate the value our services provide. Seagreen is a small, close knit company. The owner has over 30 years’ experience, and he will be right there with you to train, answer questions, and equip you for success.

Job Description and Requirements

This Lawn Care Technician position is fast-paced job. The job will require lifting of 50 pounds regularly. We work outside! You will enjoy beautiful sunny days in an open-air office. You can also expect it to be hot, cold, or rainy occasionally. It is very important to keep pace and stay on schedule. You need people skills. Both written and verbal communication skills are required. You will be on the front line representing our company and our values. You must also have a valid driver's license with a clean driving record.

Seagreen's office is located in Calabash, NC. You will need reliable transportation to work. We operate Monday through Friday. You will be operating company vehicles so a clean driving record is a must. Seagreen performs pre-employment background checks, and we will need three references as well.

Seagreen Offers:

  • Continual Learning and Development. Learning is a big deal here! In addition to in-house training, you will participate in industry training and seminars.
  • You will be supported. Seagreen is a small company. The owner gets his hands dirty. We are close by to answer your questions and train you for success.
  • We respect and support each other.
  • Input is allowed. We encourage and appreciate input from all team members.
  • Above average pay. $18.00 to $20.00 per hour.
  • Direct Deposit Payroll into your account every 2 weeks.
  • Paid Holidays for full-time team members.
  • PTO (Paid Time Off) for full-time team members.

Thank you for taking the time to carefully read this career posting. It is important that we inform you of who we are and what we are about. It must be a good fit for both of us.

If this opportunity intrigues you, we encourage you to apply. Important: Please include the phrase "I am a Surfer in Life" in the subject line on our application. Please tell us what personal strengths would help you succeed at this job and why you would be a great fit for our team. Please include three professional references included names and current contact information. We look forward to your response including the subject line.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Pay: $18.00 - $20.00 per hour

Schedule: Monday to Friday

This Job Is:

  • A job for which military experienced candidates are encouraged to apply.
  • Open to applicants who do not have a college diploma.

If you need to speak with a professional lawn care company in North Myrtle Beach about your project, call SeaGreen Lawn Care And Irrigation, Inc. at 843-249-9565 or complete our online request form.

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